How To Celebrate Pride Month as a Business

As a queer woman, that founded Not Normal Creative on the basis of having the objective to be a business that focused on supporting other businesses led by LGBTQIA+ people, naturally I want to be celebrating, talking on and posting about Pride Month on social media. However, with Pride now being so saturated by businesses trying to use it as just another marketing ploy, commercialising it in any way they can, I've found myself really reluctant to talk about it at all, in fear of mistakenly being lumped together as just another business trying to profit from the ongoing struggle, fight and triumph of LGBTQIA+ people. Feeling the same? Here's some ways you can use your business to be a proud, supportive queer ally this Pride, every Pride, and every goddamn day!

1. Fill your feed with LGBTQIA+ people. Follow them, listen to them, learn from them. The more you see queer people as you scroll through your Instagram on the daily, the more lived-experiences you'll have access to (and should be thankful for), the more you'll understand and the better ally you'll be.

2. Instead of coming up with some bullshit rainbow coloured product to sell and gain profit from - promote products made from actual LGBTQIA+ people. Use your business as a platform to support and let people know about businesses, organisations & charities that are run by and for the queer community.

3. Donate a percentage of your profits to an LGBTQIA+ charity. If you really care about Pride, put your money where your mouth is.

4. Educate your followers. Teach them why Pride is so important. And if you don't identify within the LGBTQIA+ community yourself, make sure you don't do this in a way that talks over people that do. Educate through sharing the words, videos, posts and blogs of queer voices, not your hetero cis one.

5. Don't do all of the above for Pride Month then put it in a folder until next June comes round. Be there, listen, support, promote and donate all year round!

Who are some of your favourite LGBTQIA+ led businesses, influencers, writers, creators, advocates, charities? We'd love to support even more!


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