Let's Talk About Bathrooms

Whether you work in an office or a restaurant, a studio or a bar - you need to have bathrooms available. And as long as they have a functioning toilet & somewhere to wash your hands, you're good right? Well, we're here to tell you that you should be doing so much more than that.

1. Gendered toilets - is there any need? There is not. Especially when having them excludes and alienates non-binary/trans/genderqueer people. Either have all of your toilets available for use by everyone - perfect scenario, or at the very least have one gender neutral toilet with no silly male/female icons on it.

2. Accessible bathrooms - always, always make sure that your toilets (and your whole bloody premises) are accessible to those with disabilities.

3. Sanitary products - if you're someone that bleeds, you'll know the feeling of dread when you pop to a bathroom and realise your period has reared its head and you don't have any tampons or pads on hand. The WORST. Let's do better and have these available in all our bathrooms (remembering it isn't just cis women that have periods) so noone is stuck in this predicament. Tsuno offer discounts to businesses stocking up on period products, plus they are super eco-friendly AND donate to help educate girls in Sierra Lione & Uganda. There's really no excuse not to fill your bathrooms with them!

4. Look after the planet - you should be doing your bit throughout your whole business to create as little waste as possible & your bathroom is no exception. Make sure your loo roll is made from recycled paper and your handwash is refillable. Soap Club provides bulk handwash across Melbourne so that you can keep refilling their glass bottles and not needlessly buy more plastic. Yes to this!

5. Condoms - let's promote safe sex! Pop some condoms out for your punters incase they get lucky and would prefer to do so without catching any nasties.

With all these additions to your bathrooms, not only are you being a decent human - you're showing your customers that you are thinking out of the box and are happy to lead the way to make going for a pee something that everyone can do without any barriers. And hopefully we can work towards this being the minimum everywhere!