We're Hiring!

not normal creative we're hiring

Not Normal Creative was birthed by Iona just over a year ago, and what a whirlwind it's been! From being a one-woman show to growing so much quicker than she imagined and becoming a whole Not Norm family - it has been amazing! And now we're expecting again and on the search for another super talented VA to join the fam.

Most importantly, at Not Normal Creative we strive to be inclusive, diverse and representative.

We encourage POC, people with disabilities or chronic illness, trans, non-binary and lgbtqi+ babes to apply.

We're looking for someone who's Melbourne-based and gets off on being organised, self-motivated and has a whole bucket full of initiative. We want someone who has experience in all things social media, marketing, admin and has that extra something to bring to the table. Our next superstar must have a keen eye for detail, is one of those people who are always awkwardly early and enjoys a good meme to brighten up the day.

If this sounds like you, you can apply here. Applications must be in by 31/05/19.

We look forward to hearing from you Not Norms!


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