Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Running a small business means you have a lot on your plate (or many plates, all spinning at once!) – the actual selling of your products or services, keeping up with your accounts, managing and training staff, making sure your premises is up to scratch, replying to the never ending inbox of emails, networking with other businesses, and all the rest! So how on earth do you find time to keep on top of your social media as well? That’s when a dedicated social media manager saves the day.

Whilst you’re busy dealing with the day to day ups and downs of coordinating a busy business, the last thing you want to worry about is what, when and how you’re going to keep your online followers engaged. A social media manager can do all of that for you. After a strategy session that will build clear business and communication goals and discuss the type and tone of content that works for your client demographic, you won’t ever have that regretful moment when you’re finally climbing into bed at night of ‘No! I completely forgot to post anything today!’.

Confused at which social media channels to use? Should you be tweeting funny anecdotes, or posting photos on your Instagram feed, or chatting about the day’s events on Stories, or sharing reviews on Facebook, or pinning your latest designs/recipes/blog posts, or all of the above? If the world of hashtags and GIFs overwhelms you, a social media manager is there to use their expertise to figure out which avenues are best for your business. We can put together a social media schedule to make sure your content is consistent and relevant, then either leave it to you to post yourself, or take away the unwanted stress and do it all for you.

Get in touch and we’ll give you the helping hands you need to make sure all of your plates are kept spinning efficiently and effectively.


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